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Visual Drawing Maker 1.13

The Visual Drawing Maker is a tool to convert CAD files into...

The Visual Drawing Maker is a tool to convert CAD files into self viewing executable (*. exe) files. This makes the drawing independent of the operation system and CAD platform.

With Visual Drawing Maker you can eliminate such obstacles as:1. Drawing formats tht are incompatible due to the difference between CAD software types, versions and their setup2.

Correlative software installation is needed to explore, print and postil a drawing. 3. Difficulties to protect company intelligent property rights and technique secrest when providing customers with source design drawings, etc.

Developed on the CAD midware technique basis, under lots of operation systems, it can be used on various CAD platforms. Presently it can support AutoCAD R14 to R2006 and IntelliCAD 3 to 5, and will support other CAD platforms in the near future.

The Visual Drawing has the following characters:1. Platform Independence. It is disengaged completely from its original producing environment: CAD platform, operation system and the original drawing file.

2. What you see is what you get. Screen display is consistent with the source drawing. 3. Free zoomed in or out, it can maintain to be a high precision vector graphics.

4. It can effectively protect the enterprise intelligent property by supporting different types of authorization, such as encryption, view, print and postil.

5. File format of high compression ratio makes it quite easy to be transferred on networks. 6. Built-in powerful drawing engine makes it easy to deal with even hundreds of thousands drawing entities.

7. No specially training is needed for users due to the file's simple operation. 8. Support Customer interface and logo, advertise companys' and designers' brand and appearance.

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Visual Drawing Maker


Visual Drawing Maker 1.13

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